See if this make any sense to you.
In my local paper:

A woman from Orange County, noticed a strange rash on her 14 year old son's chest. The boy had no explanation , so off to the hospital they went. After an examination of the rash the Doc says that's not a rash it's a GUNSHOT WOUND!

Turns out the boy's parents went away on a trip in January of this year. They left they're son behind to stay at a friend's house. One evening the "friend's" parents went out and had the local babysitter come over to keep an eye on the 2 14 year old boys. The 16 year old babysitter had her boyfriend come over to hang out. At some point the 2 boys were screwing around with a 22 cal. rifle and (You guessed it! ) the first boy gets shot in the chest(not specified where).

Now here is the good part!!

The babysitter calls the second boy's parents and they rush home. They quickly administer first aid and send the babysitter and her boyfriend home. They get the bleeding stopped and that's it. NO AMBULANCE, NO HOSPITAL, NO DOCTOR, NO PHONECALL, NO NOTHING!!! They just cover it up and act like nothing happened!!

Well it's 4 + months later, the cat's out of the bag and now "STUFF" is gonna happen for sure.