This morning I told my wife I was going to get ready and head off to the club for our last indoor tournament before going outdoors. I asked if she wanted to come with and since it was raining and she could'nt ride her horse she said ok. I was getting warmed up and there was a genesis hanging in the range and I told her she should try shooting it. Another club member thats a friend of mine went and grabbed one of the genesis that we have for our youth league. She started shooting and was doing pretty good for not having a sight. Her fingers were getting sore so she tried a release. She was having a good time and I was having fun watching her shoot. Then I told her that I was going to the basement to shoot my score I told her she could come with and shoot at the cub targets if she wanted and she said that would be fun so I grabbed her a quiver from the youth league box and we headed down. She was doing well and even twelved a turkey . She missed a couple of targets when she got daring and was going for the targets farther away. I cannot tell you how happy I was to be shooting with my wife . we were talking on the way home and she said that if she ever got a bow she would want it custom painted with pink camo!!! . Well all I have to say is that even if she does'nt want to take up archery or hunting I will be happy just to have had the chance to shoot and share the experiance with her I will always remember this day!!!