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    Default Harnesses safety.noiseless,comfortable

    I have strayed away from using the new harnesses that are out and really have just still use the old strap on belts for safety if anything at all.
    I never have fallen out of a tree and don't plan on it.
    So my question to you is a simple one.which one is the best one out there that does't take 5 hours to get into,cause alot of restricted movement and is absolutely silent,I also don't want anything on the chest area that could possibly get in the way of firing.Are they all camo?
    Any of these new ones really worth the money or do I stay old school.
    If I fell out of the tree I heard I have 10 minutes to live by being hung under the armpits...
    So,what is the solution and knowledge to help a hard headed guy out and make the switch.

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    glenny, I don't know of any that you would'nt slip out of. You could hula- hoop through a cheerio.

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    Default That gives me a idea.

    I can just spray you down with fresh earth and coon scent and put you down at the bottom of my tree,if I fall I surely won't die.I could call it the Big Buck Bag Brake,but then again,I would have to show you my hunting spot,and that is not going to happen as I am still breathing and alive now is it dude.Your not getting your climber up in my woods, if we get over 10 mile an hour winds I wouldn't have a forest left.
    I thought you wanted to go muskie fishing this fall?
    I got some baits for you to try...
    How about the creek CHUB.
    or the Fatso minnow,you might want to try the sloppie Pig too.
    Let me know if you want to go,I will bring the cherrios,I owed you breakfast only once,but what the hey.
    You catch any of them pigs you got over there in that lake of yours yet.Don't go telling me your wife was out skinny dipping the other night either.
    See you Saturday maybe?

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