Kentucky bow tag
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    Default Kentucky bow tag

    I am looking for information on Kentucky archery tags.Can you buy a tag when the season is open or is there a deadline.Also in Wisconsin you have to wait 3 days after you buy a tag to hunt ,that is the tag is not valid for three days after you buy it .Anyone hunt public land in Kentucky? is it any good?, I plan to bowhunt for the first two weeks of November this year ,first week in Illinios second week I am not sure.Looking for ideas ,I will be in southern Illinios and an easy drive to Kentucky or Missouri or ? I called the Kentucky DNR but he did not get what I ment about the three day waitng period or buying a tag when the season is open.Any help would be appreciated. 14 days no work wandering the midwest bowhunting the rut .Wolf

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    I bought one over the counter ($190) at Wal-Mart last year and hunted the next day. We hunted bow, and rifle. I talked to a few guys who were hunting public land (National Forest) and one of them told me that it wasn't too bad, kind of over hunted on the opener's. He said that he had pretty good success hunting near the ATV trails because most hunters go right past it thinking the deer will be scared off by the ATV's, but that they hear them all year long so they are used to the noise. Good luck!
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    Default Nice huntin in Kentucky

    Get in Butler County!! thats were the big ones are!

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    I've hunted KY several years now - best license structure I've run across. First tag allows you one buck and one doe or 2 does. Any weapon, any season. You can buy a 2nd tag for 2 more does for a song. Waiting period - you must be kidding me, how pointless. Now depending on the zone you're in there are some restrictions on the number you can take. The zone I hunt is good for the max. I wish IN would clean up the convoluted mess their license structure has become.
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    Default KY tags

    Just got get one and go hunting....Doesnt matter when you buy "before or during season" and you can go hunting as soon as it's in your pocket.
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    I am a Ky resident and thier are no restictions on tags. can buy and hunt the same day. must have Hunter ed card though. land between the lakes or LBL is a great place to bowhunt. with a LBL permit and thier are many WMAs open to the public in far west ky to hunt most can be pretty vacant during the week and some have camping or hotels very close. paducah is a very good base of operations to work from. Google KY dept of fish and wildlife. most everything in online.

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