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    Smile The advantage of different let off

    What is the speed advantage or 80% vs. 75% letoff? Newbie to the sport of Archery.

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    no more than 5 fps from 65%-80%
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    I believe let-off is more of a personal preference and also depends on what you are using the bow for.

    Some archers prefer to stay very active at full draw. They like a low let off. This puts more tension on the archer at full draw and keeps the archer active. These archers like to feel the bow's resistance and usually are shooters that pull hard into the back wall. A lot of target archers use 65% let off.

    Hunters generally like higher let-offs. This allows them to hold a lower poundage when Bambi's grand daddy hangs up behind a tree after the archer has drawn the bow.

    I see both used for everything and I think it mostly comes down to personal preference. I prefer high let off for everything. A friend of mine who is a Mathews staff shooter uses 65% let off on everything.
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