This was already posted in the General Archery section but asked a mod to create a sticky for it. We're going to need a rough count of vehicles/tents that will be at the B&B camp sight on the grounds of the R100 in Wabash.

After everyone posts I will take a tally and call Glenn from B&B and ask him to reserve a large space for us so we can camp together.

Please focus posts to this thread on topic so we can be a little bit more organized. i will do the footwork to get us space reserved but I'll need your help in keeping this post on topic...


Here is what I posted some time ago after I spoke to B&B in Wabash. One thing I missed posting was that it's $10 a night to camp. I'm not sure if that's per tent, per person or what. I will call and add a post to verify the answer to that question.


I spoke with Glenn from Bass and Bucks this morning. I told him who we were/where we are 'from' and what our tentative plans were for the R-100.

Here's my best recollection of what he told me on the phone in answers to the questions I/we had...

He said they have camping for around 400+ people. They are expecting about 150 people to be camping for the R-100.

He said that their camping area is about 14 acres of mowed area with trees spread around.

They have water to fill up jugs with. They will also have a couple of cabins open for campers to take showers.

If we give him a count of people/tents he will rope off a large area for us so we can be in our own group. We can pick where we want to set up and then he'll bring us fire rings to place where we want. He will have a bin full of cut up firewood for free.

They will have catered food all weekend, including a giant pot of 'community chili'. He said that you'll be able to have a nice meal for about $5.

The closest gas station/grocery store is about 3 miles away and a Wally-World is about 5 miles away.

We can show up any day and stay as long as we want. He said people show up as early as Wednesday.

He also said that there were other camp grounds not far from there (10 miles I believe he said) that had RV hookups and such.

Smokes, you can give him and call and ask if you want.

This time of year they have seasonal hours so they are closed to do 1-on-1 bow and rifle setups on Monday through Wednesday, which is by appointment.

It also sounds like the range and pro shop are pretty big. 400 bows in stock at any time... He was a nice guy to talk to and very helpful.

His name is Glenn and his number is 260-569-1853. He said that any of us could call with any other questions we have.

Because of the amenities Glenn spoke about and the fact that once we are there we really don't need to get back into vehicles until we leave, unless to get 'supplies', I vote to stay at the Bass and Bucks location and just 'park it' and have some fun....

And for you guys that need or want hookups feel free to give Glenn a call and ask for details. It sounds like there is something a lot closer than 40 minutes away, which would make it more feasibile for evenyone to hang out without a lot of driving.

Thoughts ?