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    Default Question about fletching glue.

    Hey fellas,
    Well first off I should say long time no chat, I have been a little busy to write so here it goes. I got my new Hogg It sighted in, man what a sight. Enough said about that. Now to my problem I am having. I have been using Fast Set Gel glue to fletch my arrows and I notice that when I took one of my arrows out of the jig there was a bunch of white reidue between the vanes. Is this due to the cyanoacrilite or what ever that big word is causing this. Is that a sign of to much glue being used on my vanes, or is it a cleaning problem that needs to be addressed on the arrow shaft. I fletch with blazers, and specs say that vanes need not to be cleaned before fletching. Next question, is there any way to get this residue off, I know that it is just a cosmetic ordeal, but it sure looks ugly, and it appears that you dont know what you are doing when it comes to fletching.. Please give me some insight on this problem.
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    I used to have the same problem, not sure what the answer is but I started using Flex-Bond adhesive by Flex-Fletch Products and I have not had the problem since. takes a little longer to dry but I have never had to fletch Arrows the morning of a shoot either
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    Default Glue problem?

    I've used Fletch-Tite for over ten years and never had a problem, okay one; I left the glue in a spot where it froze. I've used Tip Grip for the past year and it's been great as well.

    Did you keep the glue in a high moisure area, was it sealed tight or did it get cold? The Cyanoacrylate adhesives bond can be weakened, allowing disassembly, by placing the glued object in a household freezer for several hours.
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    Are you using Goat Tuff glue? I have seen this happen with that product. I use AAE Quick Set Gel and have never had a problem.

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    I have had that happen also .I started useing loc tight super gel .With the blazers I light sand the shaft's and the bottom of the blazers ,put a small thin line of the glue on and set the clamp .Instent bond ,you can take the clamp off and shoot them . You cant pull them off .Work's the best I have ever tryed and I have tryed them all,AAE fast set gel ,Goat tuff ,Beyond bond ,Platinum .All the other glues work great on other vains but the Blazer's .Just my 2 cent's

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    Default Glue problems

    I use a fast set glue also and I would get the white residue on there. I came to the conclusion that it was the fumes coming off of the glue on the vane. Because the first time I used it after the arrows were done I put them in my arrow case and the next day I opened the case and the chemical smell in the case was overpowering and ......... white haze on the shaft by the blazers what I actually did was take a wet wash cloth and just wiped it all off. sometimes I had to get a little physical with em had to show who was boss! All fast set glue is is a high powered super glue that is a little thicker in consistency so its easier to use have you ever seen a white haze around something that you have super glued I have plenty of times
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