I have contacted g5 company and asked if these broadheads are considered barbed.
They say there design is a passthrough design and retract to there original deployment placement and are legal in the state of Illinios until the DNR gives them a official statement by law otherwise.
I contacted Greg Hunter sargeant captian for this region,he is suppose to call me back with the information from springfeild today.
As I have talked to other officials,they think that this broadhead by their opinion is considered barbed.
One said he would give out the ticket.
This is insanity because of the thousands of these that have been sold by gander mountain,cabelas,proshops everywhere and thousands that will be shot by hunters who are ethical like you and me will be considered to be poaching and unlawful archers..

I just got off the phone with springfeild right now,and it is up to the g5 corporation to give the DNR the information on the way this broadhead is deployed and retracted and designed,then it won't be considered barbed otherwise as of right now,everyone who owns these and shoots these will be considered a poacher.
I just talked to g5 company and gave them the information,and it is up to them to clear this up with the d.n.r.
Why do I have to do everyones job?
I have done my part to say the least.....