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    Default Why do clubs hold big shoots on Saturdays?

    Why is it that clubs hold big shoots on Saturday's? I miss out on every big shoot because of this and it really is getting old. Is it that i am the only one working on Sat. anymore. just wondering. I know I am not the only one. I have about ten buddies locally that can never make it to a sat. shoot. they all work, so what gives??
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    Around here two organizations have shoots on opposite weekends one is on Sat. and the other is on Sun. I think they are trying to please everyone. I go to church on Sat. so the Sun. shoots fit me just fine. Some people miss the Sun. shoots because of church.


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    I dunno how would you like to be me? I work 1st shift Sat. & Sun. so no shoots. Indoor spots are on Wed. nights I work second Wed., Thu., & Fri. so all I gor to do is shoot in the yard and go walk the course and Pratice but as long as it helps me with hunting im happy with it.
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    Default 3D shoots

    Most of the shoots around here are on both Saturday and Sunday, which is nice. Have you tried asking them if they could do this?
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