I know its early but here are some of my predictions for the major archery companys for 2007:

Mathews-will continue the Switchback line and by adding a few more dampeners will make their quietest, smoothest bow yet, your buddies will have to tell you that the bow went off as you will still be aiming and waiting for the shot to go off. They will actually add harmonic dampeners to the string but in a way to make it shoot faster not slower...... It will be called the
SWITCHBACK shhhhh...........still no nice shirts or hats though

Hoyt-will try a new concept a 4 piece limb.....well maybe not.
They will however keep making the Trykon and just like the other company will try to add something to make it just a little better. They will make a new target bow, its riser will be of all things if you will beleive this, bridged. And I think it will pobably have a name such as somethingtec.
As always will have the nicest clothes in the archery world, just wish they had a bow that I liked

Bowtech-they will now produce a bow that the limbs can be changed w/out a bow press. It will shoot 350fps for about 12 shots, then a limb cracks and you replace them. It will be extra easy for the guys who shoot the Rhihnheart 100. It will be called the fireCRACKER.
There shirts will feature peices of peoples limbs and the date and time stamp of when they broke.

PSE-Are they still in business, I see two limb bolts in each of the 4 limbs in there future, cuz 2 in each was such a hit this year.
There clothes ah who cares.

Feel free to add you own predictions and please understand that this is only in fun, and an attempt at some humor