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    Default 2007 PSE Mach X NX cam 50 to 60lb draw

    Here is a great PSE Mach X with the New NRG X cam which uses the smaller easier to change modules. The bow is 34 inches axel to axel. 7 1/4 inch brace height. Has somewhere in the has around 10 vibration dampers built in to the bow. Bow has 50 to 60lb limbs on it and maxes at 64lb draw weight on my scale. Bow will come with 27 and 28 inch draw modules. Bow also has new red and black strings and cables. $320.00 delivered I take postal money orders or paypal payments.
    Specifics of the bow

    Model # Mach X NX
    String: Custom Red and Black
    Let-Off: 80-65%ADJ
    Eccentric: NX
    Bow Weight: 4.20
    IBO Speed: 312-304 FPS
    Axle to Axle: 33
    Brace Height: 7 1/4
    Cable: Custom Red and Black

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    I also have that same Mach X and let me tell you that it will NEVER shoot the speed 312 fps that you listed. That is the factory spec for the bow, but at 30 in draw and 73 lbs I am still not getting that speed. My arrows are as light as aloud, and I dont have any silencers on my string still no 300 + fps. Maybe you should list the real speed so people dont buy something that theyt think is that fast. It is a GREAT bow but NOT even closeto a speed bow.

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    So what you think the new 82n't airborne shoots its advertised speed rating?
    Few bows do make IBO these days. What would be the point of posting a speed I made up? I will go with the factory specs thank you very much. I also don't consider the speed ratings of this bow those of a speed bow. My son shot the bow at 27 inches with PSE carbon force 200 arrows and 60lb of draw weight at 264fps oh and now I would need to add that that was with an STS on it and a peep and two brass nocks and on and on we go. Is this worth the effort or would we be better off to just post the factory specs? Oh by the way there is no way these bows won't shoot over 300fps.

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