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    Default left handed bow sights

    I am a left handed archer, yea I know ----a freak!!!! I currently have a toxonics sight that I have to flip around so the bubble is on top and usually the red pin, or a non green pin (the brightest) is the 40 yd. pin spot. This isnt a huge deal but I would like a left handed sight that has a left handed setup. I like the green pin for my 20 yd, and orange for 30 yd, you get the point! I am looking for a 3 pin left handed sight like a spot hogg G5, something like that. Any south paws out there with a suggestion. thanks

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    I'm a freak too! I have my oooooooold sight but am looking at the Hog sights also.

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    You could look at the right hand versions at the shops and see which one you like then go to a site like keystone and see if a left hand version exists (or ask the shop) and either order it from them or get your shop to do it. I do feel for you lefties.
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    You could replace the fiber optics with whatever color you choose. If you don't want to mess with it, try contacting the manufacturer for replacement pins or componets to convert to lefty.

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    I shoot with a copper john deadnuts 2 that I had to flip over to make work for me my pins are 20- red 30-green 40-red 45-green but I was able to move the level to the bottom. If you want green both ways and don't care about having .029 pins go with a tru fire
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    I shoot with the Extreme RT 900 and it comes in left hand moodels. When I bought the sight, I compared with Spott Hogg, Tru Glo, and others. I found that the Extreme had the brightest sights of all the others.
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