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    Default How does this page work?

    I was wondering about the ranking system

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    senior member

    How do I "move up in the ranks"

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    Keep postin and you will soon find out!!!! Although I dont think unless something drastic happens to Chris you will ever make the last two

    If you did not catch on it is based on post counts.
    I cut things up and split them down!

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    I'll tell ya what, I'am a Seinor Moderator for another site, which has a little over a million hits a month and believe me when I say that it is a JOB keeping up with everything that goes on with the board. This one gets much larger and Chris will have to have some help, just to maintain order.

    Jimposten, it's not necessarilly out of the question to become a moderator, or even a site admin. Just depends on how big this site gets and what an individual has to offer,as far as dedication to the sport and responsibility, abit of common sense also comes in handy. As I was told once by a very smart individual (won't mention his name) "All things in moderation, expecially Moderation". The day will come when Chris is goning to need help, and who knows, maybe he'll come knocking on your door

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