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Thread: Rules

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    Default Rules

    Hello, I am new to the forum, and just a few years back into archery hunting and I am interested in getting into some competitive shooting sports. I just purchased a new Martin Moab 60# bow, and I am wondering if this bow set up for hunting can be used in any events? Where can I find info. as far as rules for various types of events. I live in Washington State, and I have my own basic 40 yard target range set up, but would love to get into 3D shooting. Thank you for your help.

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    I too am just starting archery, hunting 3D and target here in MI. Here are the sites that I found helpful, hope they help you out as well. IBO rules ASA Rules FITA NFAA Find Shoots Find Shoots

    This should give ya a good place to start! I am finding new archery posts everyday and becoming more and more involved in forums and meeting people at shoots.
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    I'm using that very bow for hunting and 3D (ibo hunter class). It will work fine for that. If you're wanting to set one up for the Pro classes there are better choices out there.
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    I say shoot what ya got as long as you can shoot it well bang away. I use the same bow for huntng, 3D, 5 Spot. With no problems.
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    I hunt and shoot a little 3-D. My theory is, if I start paying attention to rules, I have less fun.
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