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    Thumbs down Bowtech buyers-lovers shall read this:

    Until I am aviating here in Ontario for Bowtech warranty repair, you guys may entertain with my story:
    I have purchased one new, called “New 05” Old Glory” enf of January 06. The taped box arrived with the note that the seller “Anderson’s Archery” was taking pictures of the bow!?
    I had a hard time to set and fine tune the bow and very shortly I found out with help of the closest bow shop (Wolfsden) that Bowtech released a product without final inspection, the riser and the limbs are twisted and can not be fine-tuned.
    Emailed to “Andersons-seller” and also to Bowtech Tech Support and they just forward me to my local Dealer “North Sylva Co”.
    Bowtech sent out the RA# and I left my Old Glory at “North Sylva” 05.March.06.
    My local dealer was frustrated why he have to take care of the warranty inspection and repair if I didn’t bought the bow from them (imagine, price difference of about $500 will make my kids happy as well). Finally they toke the bow for inspection and sent it back to Bowtech.
    It have been two months already and no other answers “call next week”. Finally one of the Bowtech managers answered to my email that they have shipped out the parts for my bow!!! What parts? My bow shall be back to factory as “North Sylva” informed me earlier!
    So, without pointing out my finger, look like somebody want to make me pissed?
    Today 19.May.06. I got my bow back in last second before Office closing, “North Sylva” claiming that all the repairs (limbs and pockets) have been done by Bowtech!!! Paid $45 as my share for shipping cost!
    Got home, first look, same new bow, but the twisted riser is also the same.
    I can say firm that nobody toke care of my complain as warranty is promised, and I wouldn’t be surprised also if the bow was seating in Dealers warehouse all the time.
    I am just wondering how some of YOU archery fellows would behave at the end of this case, after four month (since January, remember) without bow and without money? I read/heard also that this my case is not the only one…
    Thanks all of you guys for spending time with this my little story. Perhaps some of you buy a Bowtech…so, have fun. Especially you in Ontario.

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    Default Sorry to hear

    I am sorry to hear of your problems with your bow. But this is the type of post I believe we do not need on 3DSHOOTS. Sounds like AT bashing to me. I do not own a Bowtech so cannot speak of their Customer Service. But please I think this should be pulled from the forum. Sorry if you do not agree with me on this but I know one bad post can start a whole bunch of them. We want positive energy here not negative. If you have a problem with a bow just come on here and state your problems and not the bow company. We do not care who makes your bow, they all have problems I am sure and we do all feel sorry for you if you have a problem and it is not getting taken care of properly. So again we all feel for you my friend and I am sorry if you take this the wrong way but please refrain from bashing here. I hope your problem is taken care of soon and done right. Thank you for listening to me.


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    OK, got a lesson. I am trying to state the problem I am experiencing to put a little lite in to some dark corners, and I do not want to harm any business. I have Bowtech for many years G3.2; Pro 30; 05 Old Glory and the new one). I believe that they try the best to get to the top. Unfortunatelly the case is getting typical, look at the american car industry in example. Make it rush and send/put them on the shelf quickly, and gimme-gimme a money. Don't worry for the errors now we gonna fix them later. I am a consumer, bought the bow in Januarry, report the problem immediatelly to Cust.Service, to my seller-shop. Several emails at that time with CC, problem is with the dealer-service chain. I dont want to make a fire, just want to make this 4 and a half month monkey business stop. I want that bow. I dont have problem to take it to parts and put it together, just gimme the parts at least. Overall, at the end, if some of you are sure not to go further with the thread disscussion, please remove all the posts.

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    I am sorry for your problems and though I have never had a Bowtech or the type of problems you are having I can only imagine how hard it is to have a new bow and not be able to shoot it. I cant hardly look at my bow and not pick it up and shoot a couple arrows. I really don't think you are bashing Bowtech as much as I think you are just looking for a place to vent. I dont want to make any accusations but I would be more mad at the dealer than Bowtech. I firmly believe that if your dealer is proactive enough that problems will sort them selves out faster. I am sorry for your problems and By writing this I do not intend on making any one mad
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    In our issues in dealing with Bowtech, they have been very proactive in fixing warranty issues. In fact we have had very little warranty issues at all. The bows have been excellent. I know this doesn't solve your problem. In your situation, I would contact bowtech direct and find out what they found out with the bow.

    You don't say how you know the riser is bent or twisted? Did it come this way from the factory? What kind of bow press does your shop use?

    We use the sure-loc xpress because we feel it is the best and presses bows in the same manner as you pulling on the string. No pressure on the riser at all.
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    Why you posting this on all sights?
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