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    Default Half grizzly, half polar bear

    Check this out. Hunter shoots polar bear that is DNA confirmed half and half.
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    xD.Very strange

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    Is it just me or does $50,000 dollars for a guide seem like a typo to anyone else?
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    i hope its a typo or ill never be able to talk my wife into that hunt
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    awsome! i wish that was mine!

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    Default this going to be a new species similar to how the Mule Deer evolved?

    Mule Deer History

    Recent analysis of three North American deer species' (mule deer, blacktail deer, and whitetail deer) mitochondrial DNA now allows biologists to hypothesize the mule deer’s unique evolution. This testing determined that blacktail bucks bred with whitetail does to produce mule deer. As whitetail deer spread east to west across prehistoric North America, those reaching the northwest coast ultimately became a separate species, blacktail deer. Thousands of years later, as blacktail deer expanded eastward, whitetail deer once more spread westward, with the two species meeting in the Midwest. The blacktail bucks supplanted the whitetail bucks, breeding with the whitetail does. The resulting hybrid species is known now as mule deer. At this point in time, the blacktail deer is classified as a mule deer subspecies. It is smaller in size than the generic mule deer, and it has a longer tail. The blacktail deer inhabits the Pacific coastline, from Alaska to southern California.

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