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Thread: Hostage rests

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    Default Hostage rests

    Ya'll know those hostage a whisker biscuit that won't rip your vanes off? My drop away is shooting 80% correctly, and I worry that 20% will ruin my shot at a good buck. This is unacceptable(guess I cannot try FOBS ). I do not have enough faith in the moving component. So, are those hostage rests accurate and non-failing? Do they last a while? Can anybody offer a review?

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    I have the Octane Hostage Pro and love it. The old ones are all plastic. The new Pro is all metal and very nice. JMO. I don't think that I will shoot anything else for a while. The brushes are replacable and come with one spare. The bottom is the only one that will really wear on you. The Pro is also adjustable for different size arrows. I could pick up 3 or 4 fps with a fall away, but not worth the problems for me. I had a Spot Hogg Whammy and it was too slow and I was having clearing problems. My 82nd is shooting 310 fps @ 60 lbs, with the Hostage rest.
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