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    Default Deer Growl

    I'm here in SE Minnesota, and I first heard the object of my pursuit make this sound about 400 yds down the draw where I was sitting on the first weekend of archery season here.(Sept 24) I thought I was hearing a large, sick bird or a dying cow.

    This last weekend, I spent the late afternoon in a stand in the area where I had heard the sound come from last weekend. About three or four minutes after a doe and her two yearling fawns walked away from a spot where they entered a trail about 15 yards away from my stand, a buck that I didn't even know was there cut loose in the bushes about 5-6 feet away from where the doe and the fawns had been, and gave me about 4-5 of these growls or screams I had heard last weekend. I'm sure the buck was not in the bushes when the doe and fawn went by, because they showed absolutely no indication that they thought any other deer were around, and they mosied away, completely unperturbed as if they had all the time in the world; I think he might have been hanging out a little to my right and little ways up a wooded hillside. There was NO DOUBT it was the same sound, and it instantly got every hair on the back of my neck at full attention. It was LOUD, (like I said, the previous weekend he was about 4-500 yards away) and had a highly emotional quality to it. Although I couldn't see his rack, I did see his tail as he headed the same way as the doe and fawns. This for you guys out there who are skeptics about this. I can understand that, because I've been watching deer for over 40 years, and I've never heard or witnessed anything like this before, and I probably wouldn't believe it either if I hadn't seen it myself. But it is real. And my experience seems to indicate it's not a fluke or freak occurrence either.

    This was in the same time period (5:30-6:00 PM) and from the same area I had heard it the previous weekend. Seems to be some regular pattern going on here.

    What's puzzling about this, now that I know what this sound is, is when it is happening. The rut isn't even supposed to get started around here for at least several more weeks, and there are no substantial signs of it beginning anywhere else, and I've covered a lot of ground around here. So do I keep the call in the pocket for the time being?

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    Quote Originally Posted by BUNNYMAN View Post
    Your probably right, You must have a better buck to doe ratio in your area than we have here. We have about 10 does to 1 buck in my area at this point. I have never heard or seen of any one taking a deer in my hunting areas w/the use of rattiling attlers, or any of the aggression calls out there.
    I'm with the rabbit on this one.

    If your hunting your 400 or 800 acres with little or no pressure it probably works like a champ, but out here in the real world where there's 4 or 5 hunters on every 20 acres and everyone of them are blowing a grunt tube or rattling the latest bag, as soon as you hit a grunt or rattle a horn any deer that was lucky enough to live through one deer season is going the other way.

    TV vs reality

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