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    Default The R100 steel buck contest(with a couple pics)

    All the shooters line up at once and shoot at the whistle.I think I heard they had about 45-50 shooters.Here's when the first whistle blew.... Here's the target afterwards.. Round 2... The target...

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    I wish I knew how get that first pic bigger,if you look close you can see lots of arrows in the air.After each round they move the target back 10 yards. Round 3.. The target.. Round 4... The target... The final 4.... The guy in the red shirt won.The target was at 60 yards and he was the only one that hit it.Look at the guy on the right,he thought he won cuz he shot at the same time as the guy in red.All the way down to the target he was sayin how glad he was that he won
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    This whole 'contest' was one of the funniest things I have ever seen. EVERYBODY shooting at the same time. The more or less exact same time.
    It was like a cloud of arrows heading for about a 8"x10" foam block surrounded by steel...


    Those were really good pics but don;t do justice to actually seeing it. I was laughing out loud.

    In the one pic there's a bald guy with binos checking out the carnage. He was the Rinehart R100 manager who runs the shoot and drives the big rig. I spent time talking to him on Thursday night while he was build a string with a homemade string jig. Really nice guy and a pleasure to talk to.

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