After fifteen years of bowhunting, I've finally decided to abandon my hopes for a big Buck and take a few Does for the table. (Translation, I have never taken a deer with a bow.) Since this seasons opener, I have missed 5 Does. My arrows consistently fly over the deers back.

I am hunting from a treestand. My stand is set at sixteen feet and when standing for a shot, I assume I am at around twenty feet in the air. I have repeatedly ranged the field corner, where I am hunting, and have ranges from 16 - 32 yards. Most of the deer come across the field and into my corner at about 25 - 30 yards, broadside.

The first deer I shot over was mis-ranged. She was thirty, I shot 40 yards. However, the next deer was at a solid 25 yards. I put the twenty yard pin on the lower third of here vitals and pulled the trigger. To my dismay, there was nothing but back hair in my Spitfire Pro. Even though her head was down and she was grazing, she dropped pretty quickly at the sound of the bow.

I am shooting a Mathews "LX" set at 60 lbs, with a Trophy Taker drop away rest and CX 200 arrows cut to 25-/1/2" with 100 grain Spitfire broadheads. I have even taken to putting Sims strips on the riser shelf, under the prongs to silence the bow. The bow is extremely quite and launches an arrow at 276 fps. So, I am confident in my equipment and shot making ability out to 40 yards. But, I continue to shoot over the backs of these deer.

Last night, I launched three arrows at three different Does. I had them ranged at thirty yards, put the thirty yard pin on the lower third of the vitals and shot right over their backs. I even put the twenty yard pin on one that was a little closer and zipped right over the back of her. I saw my final arrow shoot 1 foot over the deers back!

Can the angle and height of my shots make that much difference? At our archery club, standing at about 14 feet, on our treestand station, I am dead-on from 10 to 20 yards. Why then, are my shots going so high, when I am in my hunting treestand? Should I switch to a pendulum sight or just climb into a treestand of the same height in my backyard and try to dial the bow in. I am becoming increasingly frustrated and would appreciate some sound advice and insight. I am afraid my friends are going to start calling me "Vegetarian" if I don't put some venison on the table soon.