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    Default Building My own Arrows

    New to building my own arrows. I have been trying to find a book about it and was wondering which one to get. Been trying to find a book called Building The Perfect Arrow by Chance Beaubouef any one have it and is it worth buying? Thanks for any help anyone may be able to give me.

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    I dont know if they made it into a book, but Gateway feathers sells a DVD with that title.

    I've never watched it so I cant tell if it's worth buying.

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    I searched the web for arrow flight and arrow building. I then printed and read everything that looked useful. I got a cheap fletching jig I regretted, and then bought a Bitzenburger. I bought, and still use, a cheap import arrow saw for 40 bucks. I use quality componets and that eliminates alot of checking of each part prior to assembly. There are many brands to choose from that make excellent componets. I use Carbon Express Terminator Lt. Select shafts, and Blazer 2" vanes. The last 18 arrows I cut and assembeled all weighed 400 grain each, except one. It weighed 402 grains. Not bad considering I used everything straight out of the box without weighing it first, and the shafts were from two different lots. I really enjoy assembling my own arrows. I hope you do too.

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