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Thread: Peep Claifier

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    Default Peep Claifier

    Southern Greetings Gents, I was wondering if anyone one would know what claifer would be best to use with the black egale Sure-loc scope with a .6 power? I am curently using Super peep # 1 lens. I was hoping to clear it up a little more. Thanks HS
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    If you have a 6X power lens you can use one of two clarifiers. You can use a #1, which works from 1X-6X which is a weak clarifier, or ou can use a #2, which is a 6X power. A #3 is for 7,8,9 power lens. I have used a #1 on a 4 power lens and it worked good. If you have a super peep you can get the clarifiers in different size size holes. I think they go 1/8, 3/32, 3/64 and 1/16.
    This way you can modify you peep sight for what kind of targets or hunting you will be doing. The bigger the peep hole, the more light you can see thru it. Hope this helps you out.
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