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    Default ****ProLine Bowstrings****

    !!!***ProLine Bowstrings***!!!
    This is our second thread here on.
    We are dedicated to making a quality product, and offering great customer service, all at a great price.

    Our services include:
    -Custom String making, made out of 452x and served accordingly to bow model. Serving is offered in Halo material, 3D material, and 2X material...also 62xs.
    We have all colors offered in all the materials...offered by BCY.

    -We are also offering custom tuning. This is a second service that we have been offering and has been a great success for us.

    -All string making and tuning is done by myself, Joe.

    -We are also fully outfitted to put your favorite products on your bows, or to buy from us.

    Build time on Custom strings: 3-5 business days.
    Custom tuning: 7-10 business days, upon arrival.

    Payments are available through paypal, or money orders..Credit card processing is in the midst. Available soon.

    Custom Strings, any color string material in 1,2,or 3 colors and any colored serving, $70. This also includes matching loop material and peep serving if needed.
    All of our strings are hand built, and then served with a Power server, which is the optimal way to insure steady consistent pressure of the serving throughout the entire string, so that your hands can not interfere with the tension.
    We have the most up to date equipment, and we insure our way of string making will make our customers happy. Our process is very unique and precise.
    Our strings are also offering a 6 month warranty against serving seperation, or twisting of the peep.

    Everyone please feel free to contact us with any ?'s or comments. Truly enjoy what I do, and greatly appreciate everyones support.

    ProLine Bowstrings: forum name

    Accepting orders and ?'s 24/7

    Our website: is being created as we speak. I have been trying to get this thing up for awhile, It will be so so soon!!! Which will show the many accomplishments made by the owner of this company, and family in this industry.

    I hope I have covered everything needed.

    Thanks everyone!!!

    ProLine Bowstrings

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    Default pICS

    Showing a 2007 guardian completely tuned. With Flo yellow/blue strings and cables, and a string attachment to match for the limbdriver rest.

    Also showing a picture of White Halo serving that I can make a clear look for your strings...


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    Default Pms

    Thank you for the response already!
    Pms are all answered!

    ProLine Bowstrings

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    Default Yep

    Make sure you check our booth at IBO Worlds!!
    Thanks everyone!!

    ProLine Bowstrings

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    Default Great time!!

    Had a great time at Worlds. The booth turned out great!
    Thanks for everyones support!!!

    ProLine Bowstrings

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    Default Pics!!

    Here are a few pics!!

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    How about some pics of the servings and loops?
    Sniper mode is on!

    One can survive everything, nowadays, except death, and live down everything except a good reputation.

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    Default Check It!

    check out our new website!


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    Default Yep

    Couple pics for everyone

    Check out our website, and feel free to ask any questions.
    Right now is a great time to take advantage of our Schedule. Virtually no waiting times for tuning, or strings.
    Thanks everyone

    ProLine BowStrings

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    Default Yep

    Couple more

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    Default Yip

    Yep a couple more pics... Enjoy

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    Default Yeip

    Keep it up top.
    We truly appreciate everyone and their full support. Orders are rolling in, and this is usually our slow time of the year....but not now! LOL

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    Default yeip

    All orders that have been placed, have been shipped!
    Crazy fast turnaround times... 2-3 days.!!!!!!

    Had 3 bows being tuned and sets of strings/cables on go out today...Two more go out by wednesday...
    Taking roughly around 10 days to be shipped on them!

    Thanks once again everyone!!

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    Default Traditional recurve bow string

    I have a Sky archery recurve bow made by the late Earl Hoyt It uses a Fastflight Flemish 18 strand 62" string is reccommended and not the dacron type can your company provide this type of string and how much will the cost be. thanks

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    Default Yep

    Yep sure can.
    We can make any type of string needed for your equipment.
    We have all the proper equipment, as well as material.
    Pm me for details.

    ProLine BowStrings
    ProLine Archery

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    Default Yeip

    For the remainder of 2008, We will be keeping our sale price of $55 to this forum.
    Had a strong reaction to our sale on this were doing everything we can to make every one happy, and our product affordable to anyone.
    Our normal pricing is $70, Which is already crazy low in that fact. But with the high order amounts, we are able to drop our prices!
    So everyone, enjoy your ProLine BowStrings.

    ProLine BowStrings

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    Default Yeip

    Keep it up top...
    Thanks everyone!

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    Default great looking threads right there

    keep twisting Joe

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    Default ...

    Lol, I'm twisting my lil heart out.... Strings...cables...strings...cables....strings...

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