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    Default Piston Point Broadheads

    Anybody used the "Piston Point Broadheads" or the new Trophy Ridge "Undertaker" piston type heads?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Buckwheat View Post
    Anybody used the "Piston Point Broadheads" or the new Trophy Ridge "Undertaker" piston type heads?
    I know a guy that just got rid of his piston points because they were snapping in his foam target (can't be a good thing).
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    Default reply

    primos endorses them and the only time they ever been wrong was with their bleat-can(what else do they make?) Lol. I saw a torture test on youtube and their blades bent quite badly in comparison to some others.

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    I think trophy ridge bought out the guy that came up with the piston point head, then they re named them. I know a few guys that shot them and did some testing, seemed like they really tore up the inserts on the arrows, the blades kinda rest on the insert, when the point goes in, all the force against the blade and the insert cause the blade to push out. (open). I would never shoot one myself......

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    Do you remember pucket blood trailers they had a piston type tip you could not get a good blood trail, they did not open fast enough but they where the first mechanical broadhead at the time I would not buy any of the piston type broadheads but that just my past experience with them, I like the forword leading mechanicals lets the blades peel back

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