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    Default You make how much per year!?

    I was just reading an article about Barry Diller, chief executive of IAC/InterActiveCorp. IAC oversees thecompany that runs Home Shopping Network.

    Last year he took home $295 million. How do you justify to your employees that you are worth basically $1 million per day. Considering you don't work 365 days per year.

    I mean come on this is just plain crazy.
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    Nuts is right!
    I wonder if tha includes his year end bonus.

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    So I am guessing he makes more than you Chris?

    Bettcha he still complains about the price of fuel
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    That sucks. I guess I should have gone into the business of selling completely useless junk on t.v. I am surprised that they are even selling stuff anymore, with internet shopping being very big now. But there is another problem with that, Making that much money I would have to many bows (if thats possible) and how would you get to shoot them all
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