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    Archers are such a passionate bunch. It's know wonder they are normally such great people. The love/hate relationship with archery equipment is a common thing with archery.

    If it works for you, shoot what you like. I am fortunate enough to get to try a lot of different archery items. I don't care what you shoot as long as you shoot. Now, if you ask my opinion, I am going to give it to you.

    My personal opinion is the spring steel is one of the best rests ever made. However, it stinks for hunting. It's just not practical for hunting.
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    For those interested in the Whisker Bisquit for hunting or 3D:

    Glue on the leading edge will reduce fletching pull/tear from passing through the bristles.

    You do need to tune your set-up to use the WB. Any set-up needs to be tuned.
    For drop aways it is the buss cable, for prong and WBs, it is the nock/vane alignment.

    1. if there is dark markings on the vanes, then the shooter needs to rotate his nock a little more and clear the black bristles.

    I've put hundreds of shots through my WB with little, if any, wrinkling. The waves I did get was from the vanes passing through/by the center. Once I figured out how my nock needs to be turned for my draw length, poundage, and arrow specifics... no more waves. No different than a prong rest or the NAP 360. People need to tweak their set-up for best performance.

    2. to get rid of the waves there are two well known and noted solutions.
    A. pass hot air over them with a blow dryer or candle. NOT close, just enough for them to warm up and straighten out.
    B. put them in warm water. The warm water witll also straighten the vanes without melting out the glue.

    Just a bit of advice for those worried about using a WB and Wavy Vanes....

    My brother shot second and I shot forth in a recent charity event with over 50 shooters in our class. The WB is a reliable and accurate rest for non-target shooters.

    Dad got 3rd with a Ripcord and if people are interested I can post some comments about drop aways that we have discussed since he switched from his prong rest.

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