I have shot Steelhead 100's for years. They are about the best head (fixed or mechanical) ever made and have killed a ton of deer. Then Trophy Ridge bought out Rocket and here is what has happened so far.

Ordered 2 packs last year. One pack had three heads that the blades would not open. They were in the ferrule so tight I had to use pliers to pull them open.

I called Trophy Ridge and they sent me out 2 new packs. When they arrived I found they had put the wrong blades in and the cutting diameter was 1 1/2" instead of 1 1/8. When closed the blades were stuck way out in front of the point.

I called Trophy Ridge and they sent me 2 new packs. By then the season was over so I put them away for this year. Last week I got them out in order to get them ready for a mule deer/antelope hunt I am going on and guess what? Wrong blades. There were now 1 1/4" cutting diameter and locked straight out from the ferrule at 90 degrees instead on sweeping backward.

I called Trophy Ridge and explained the situation and also said I really needed the new heads by the end of the week. They promised they would ship them that day and I would have them in 2 days. Well they didn't arrive so I went and bought 2 packs while at the IBO Worlds. Bought them home and guess what. One of the blades on each of the 3 heads in one pack is stuck closed. The only way to get them to open is loosen the screw and keep them loose.

Trophy Ridge took a great Broadhead and ruined the quality control. Either that or I have the worst luck in the world!

I do have 6 older original Rocket Steelheads to take but in the future will probably just buy Snypers.