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Thread: need help

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    Default need help

    hi i am new in this sport i want to kow if you could help me i am thinking to buy a tomkat bowtech bow this is going to be muy firste one is a good option ? wath you coul tell me about this bow and of the brand ? wat else do i need besides de bow wath other items

    i would be very grate full if you can help me

    i am totally new in this sport

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    If you are buying the bow new you can get A package that includes A rest, sight, quiver, and peep sight. All you are going to need is A release and arrows. In my opinions it is one of the best bows you can find for the price. It is an excellent bow and very fast. I think that you will be very happy with the bow and will go A long way with the bow.
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    Default Bowtech Tomcat

    Hello there pancho_bow to 3DSHOOTS. As for the Tomcat it is a very good bow as dzingale has stated. I think you would be very happy with it. Make sure you shoot as many bows as you possibly can before you buy one. Lots of great entry level bows out there at good prices. Please be sure that you are measured for Draw Length by a proshop or two before purchasing, I believe that is the #1 thing which beginners fail to do sometimes. It is also the #1 specification for good form when shooting. So good luck with your hunt for the correct bow.


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    Will you be buying it from a dealer or private sale, you may want to make sure you can get parts(cams, wheels, mudules, limbs should you ever need them), warrenty, and work done on it, should anything go wrong. I feel that work should be done by qualified people who are familiar w/ins and outs of the brands that they work on. If a shop is not familiar w/ a brand they take in for repair, I feel they are doing an injustice to the customere. Just make sure you find a good shop that you are comfortable with. It is said on here and all the sights all the time....but it is worth saying.....

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