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    Exclamation High Country Problems

    I bought a used older High Country bow, not sure of the model but here is my major problem !!! The other day I drew the bow back and the string came off the cam also the cam get stuck on the limb !!!! Now one of my limbs are broken. The archery store I bought it at is telling me I over drew the bow. Can someone PLEASE help me and tell me what is going on with this bow.

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    Hi how you doing i can tell you what is wrong with your bow man the bow that you got is either cracked when you got that or the the string was not on the cram right and you pulled the bow back and the string put to much stress on the cracked limbs and the limb broke and also you can't over pull a bow i have been dealing with bows all my life man i know just about everything there is to know about problems of nature and of that your having aswell so i hope that i have help helped you with your problem sir have a good day

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    If the pully is made of plastic sometimes the edge of the pully that the cable rides in can wear thin causing the cable to slide off. I have an old PSE that does that.

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