Hello everyone. After letting my Bear super magnum 44" bow gather dust for too long I took her out and began shooting againg and splurged and bought a newer look-alike:2008 Reflex Caribou 44"ATA compound. I did check out the newer parallel limb shorter designs and they just did not agree with me. Like my older Browning side by side shotgun that I love over my other guns to duck hunt with, I favor my long bow. Anyway, I love the balance and feel and smoothness of my bow even if it is a "dog" in terms of speed compared to the all the more compact models out there. I am 6'4" tall, DL 31". I got the Caribou fitted with a Whisker Biscuit rest, Apex Atomic 4 pin sight, still using Easton xx75 340 alum arrows, Tru-fire relese, Alpine quiver. My goal: the elusive Osceola gallopavus. Of course, I would settle for a hog. Wondering if anybody else out there uses a bow of this dimension. I have been adept at hunting turkeys in the spring with a shotgun but this is a different ballgame. Any suggestions, other than practice, practice. practice? Good hunting to all, seems we're getting sideswipped by a couple of hurricanes in the next week or so.