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    Default Cutting Carbon Shafts?

    I pick up a few this morning on sale but need to cut and inserts installed
    I can use a epoxy for the inserts or what is recommended?
    I like to ask how to cut the carbon shaft what tool is used?
    I have a table wet saw with a diamond blade will it work?

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    At least 5,000 rpm saw with carbon blade. Inserts I use hot expoxy glue with a hot gun, works great and I just heat the point to take the insert out. I think speed of the blade is the most important thing in cutting carbon arrows.
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    Default arrows

    carbon blade ? I have one for my chop saw
    J@B WELD should work o.k. heat will break it loose
    thank you
    question about the shafts i pick up to day EASTON RAIDER 400
    1/2 doz for $22.00 any one have any info on the shafts seem it could be no longer made older model discontinue

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    For cutting I use a 8000 rpm saw with a 3in cutting blade. I hear some guys make a jig and use a dreamil tool.

    For inserts I cut, then use a brass bore brush to rough up the inside of the arrow shaft, Clean with Denatured Alcohol with a q-tip, mix up my epoxy coat both the inside of shaft then the insert, install insert with a twisting motion, set insert firmly by pushing it down on a hard surface wipe off uneeded glue, let set over night. and they are ready to shoot.
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    The drimel tool will work but it can be real hard to cut them square. If you don't have a high speed saw to cut the you might try a local pro shop. It doesn't matter how cheap you got them, if you screw them up they are worthless.

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    I got a saw off ebay for 40.00 incl. s+h. " mini cut off saw. " They have nicer ones too for more money. I have to measure and mark each shaft to length, but it produces a square cut easily, if I take my time. I use a scotch bright "fine" pad to clean up the end after the cut, and a 270 bore brush chucked up in my cordless drill to score the inside of the shaft. I blow the dust out and clean the inner and outer shaft with 90% or better rubbing alcohol (Meijer pharmacy) and a Q tip. I use the same glue I use for for fletching(Goat Tough) and I've never had an insert loosen up or come out, even when I spent 15 min. working a 100 grain Thunderhead out of an oak tree. I enjoy assembling my own arrows. I hope you do too.

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