Hello friends,

I am an Italian archer, until now have been shooting the traditional way, wooden riser t/d recurve and longbow. I'm not a hunter (until now), usually go for 3d shots in the woods. My archery club admits both traditional and compounds, so I once would like to give the compound style a try.

I saw yesterday in my town's archery shop a nice compound bow. It's a Browning competition pro, dark red magnesium riser and wooden limbs laminated with white fiberglass. 45# - 60# weight, draw lenght from 27" to 31" (mine is 27,5").

I have browsed Internet for such bow but didn't find anything. That bow should have been produced around 1988-90 I think, because the guy who sold it to the shop said he was not shooting for about 15 years. It has a nice vintage look and is in perfect, really neat conditions, should have been used only seldom and carefully.

The price is 150 which is about 180 $.
Do you think it would be a good purchase for entering the compound world?