Lets See Your Hunting Rigs
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    Default Lets See Your Hunting Rigs

    I picked up this Z-32 back in the spring.
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    Pearson Z-32 52# 28 1/2"
    Slick Trick Mags TEAM 2

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    Aug 2008


    this new old 07 commander i picked up this month will be what im using
    Lets See Your Hunting Rigs - Bowhunting forum
    Archers Archery staff shooter
    Carter co-op shooter
    Mathews conquest 4 spot killer
    2011 ZMAG foam killer

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    Default X-Force

    Here's what I'm packing right now and it'll be going on my mule deer hunt with me next week...But who knows what I'll be shooting come Oct.1st here in Iowa...Might be this bow or something else .
    Lets See Your Hunting Rigs - Bowhunting forum
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    Here's my baby...

    2007 Hoyt Vectrix with all the fixings

    Lets See Your Hunting Rigs - Bowhunting forum
    2010 Mathews Monster 7
    2009 PSE X-Force GX
    2008 Mathews Apex 7
    2007 Hoyt Vectrix

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    my trusty Ultratec,,, and my latest sinewbacked selfbow
    depends on the mood at the time
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    the feel and the flow

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    My Diamond Liberty will be accompanying me into the woods this year.
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    Default reply

    This website won't post any of my pics, and my set up is nowhere near done. I just got into some money last weekend and need to buy a loop clamp to keep my yet to buy tube-less peep from turning. I need a faster drop away and a little bitty goose. I am almost done making my stabilizer, though, and the homemade sts is still holding up. It needs paint, though. 1.5 weeks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    07 Tomkat
    VT strings
    Mooseridge black and red marbled cams
    extreme rt900 w/light tough fiber and teflon tubing
    WB rest
    BT wood grip
    specialty archery hooded peep
    changed over to saunders hyper cable slide
    and now shoot GT's

    And the wifes Diamond Edge
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    someones got to rep mathews.

    "ill be looking for my check in the mail"
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    I'll be shooting my Z28 for my primary hunting rig and a Gt500 for backup... Both of these bows shoot awsome!
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    09 Gt500 G1
    09 Z28 AT
    As Iron sharpens Iron, So one man sharpens another.. Prov. 27:17

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