I was told tonight be someone very close to the DNR task force on Deer hunting that 6000+ deer were shot in Winnebago Illinois over the last 5 years. This was supposedly to test and curb the CWD in the local deer. This is a county that has about 1000 deer killed during the 2 gun seasons per year.

It's no wonder that hunters in our area are complaining about seeing less and less deer. The IL DNR has decimated the local deer population. You can't kill that many without having a huge impact on the herd.

Now, it gets even better. The Sharpshooters are using our taxes to pay for this crap. They have estimated that those deer killed over the last 5 years cost the taxpayers approximately $350 per deer!!!!

Our great governor has appointed a task force of people to decide how to handle the deer herd. Only two of these people have anything to do with hunting. The rest are legislators. There may be one biologist in the group. Oh and of course there is someone from the insurance industry on the taskforce.

Now they want to know if they should have a 3rd gun season the 3rd week of October. This will have a huge impact on the bow season and bow hunters.

Is there no form of government that is not corrupt or incompetent?