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    Quote Originally Posted by bullfiddle View Post
    We got all we need there Papa Bear.... Ole McCain got Palin as a running mate and I got Pink... I think I got the better deal.... Besides that she's from Texas and we all know there's bigger deer in Texas..
    I know that N Il has some monsters
    and with your invite ta hunt up there we are liable to win tha deal
    of cousre unless you kill all tha big un's before I get there or you set me out in tha place where tha does and little un's run

    BTW Pink fer Veep

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    I think the Dream Team #8 has got this one wrapped up this year. 3 More days till I can put some points on the board

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    Quote Originally Posted by red man View Post
    ya i see my name in there all of the teems step back and let team 6 cover it all you men better have a fresh pair of under ware on when i put the picture 0f the 11 i have been watching. his left side still has sum velvet but it will be of in 22 days. i have seen him about a good 20 + times and o ya he will put us on top 4

    have fun 2 all but sorry 4 winning!!!!!!!
    Kewl beans brother,I have been seeing a set of 3 yr old brothers,one sporting 10 points and the other sporting 8...Their daddy was a 13 when he expired...
    The 13 was seen mounted up on a Doe that had a small limp on her right front leg..She had twins,they were seen with her and we knew because of the limp...Know one has shot ole Limpy,were guessing she is around 5.5 to 6.5 years old now...Last season she produced two more bucks,this season she has a high 6 point basket rack buck with a small fawn doe...There are some pretty good genes working in our little cubby hole area...
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    Well W&B I wish that fellas big brother was around you this year. GOOD LUCK TO ALL but a special good luck to all my Team 1 mates.


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    Quote Originally Posted by BowhuntnHoosier View Post
    Well W&B I wish that fellas big brother was around you this year. GOOD LUCK TO ALL but a special good luck to all my Team 1 mates.
    I did have a chance at one last year that had double main beams on his right side. He was a 2.5 year old last year and by the time I realized what he had on his head I couldn't get a shot at him. I didn't hear of anyone getting him last year and I am hoping I get some pics of him right now. He would be the one I am after if he is still around. He was standing in the exact same spot that the big 10 point was standing when I shot him, but I thought at that time he was just a typical 2.5 year old 8 pointer. That could have been my dream season. Two mounter deer that were shot from the same stand and they would have been standing in the same spot.

    Good luck to all and go team #1

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