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    Unhappy Are fertilizer cost....

    Just wondering if fertilizer cost is keeping you from putting required amount on greenfields?50 # triple 13 is 16.00 a sack, I dont know how much longer I can plant at these cost.Anyone know of a high paying job?

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    think thats high, try farming for a living, Fert. cost are 1100 a ton for Anhydrous ammonia corn will cost about 6 dollars a bushel to produce next year. It aint cheap

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    Cow/horse crud...most people I know will still PAY you to clean their stalls. Hope you don't have too big a plot.

    What gets me is the price of corn. Last year I bought my sacks at 5$ this year I go in and they tell me they want 8$ and that I should be happy because the price has come DOWN?!

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    Tenderfoot, the price is down $2 from what it has been most of the last 6 months. It has become a very expensive crop to grow.
    My suggestion on the fertilizer is buy in bulk and use triple 19 rather than triple 16 as it has grits and the 19 doesn't, that is if you have a way of handling the bulk product.
    Hey Duckslayer, I quit using anhydrous about three years ago. I think I paid $617 per tonne then. Of course using urea has not really saved me input costs but is easier on the time over anhydrous ammonia, and it has skyrocketed in price too.
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