A friend of mine has a modest orchard of apples, pear, and grapes, that has been being molested by some deer that are undeterred by the 10' chain-link fence, surrounding the property.

She has invited me to come over to eradicate... err... "humanely harvest" these vermin, on her behalf. She has lost at least 30% of her crop this year and wants the problem "dealt with". the other conditions are that I cannot use firearms as she does not want to alarm her neighbors who "love animals and think it's cruel to kill those cute deer" , and it has to be while her kids are off at school.

I've only ever hunted my own lands in VT and NH, where as the property owner, I could hunt year round as long as I had planted food crops.

Besides having a State Permit and written permission from the property owner, are there any other things I should be aware of.

This is in Tipton County, Tennessee.