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    Default Stand Location?????

    I need opinions. Where would you put your stand right in or very near a big bedding area or on a trail about 50 yards away that goes from the bedding area to a feeding area? I was on the trail on my stand this morning and saw nothing at all. The weather was damp and foggy, I am thinking they just weren't moving because of the weather?

    Thanks guys,
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    I vote for the trail...

    as far as movement...I have spots with only mourning movement and others with only late afternoon movement. You may have to sit all day for a couple days to pick up a pattern, or hang a camera...

    Good luck,

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    Put it on the trail. Try never to violate a bedding area unless you can get in way way before the deer and are willing to stay until way after they leave, and then it's pretty much only good for one shot.
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    Down wind side of bedding area. Look for a less used trail that parralels the entire downwind side.
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    I would set up on the trail, pry more then 50 yards, I wouldnt ever disturb a bedding area, they will smell where you walk. I have my buck stands set back about 40 or 50 yards from the feeding areas, and my doe stands right on the edges of the feeding areas, reson being is the does come out early, the bigger buck a little later most of the time, Ive watched them take 15 min to travel the last 40 or 50 yards to the feeding area. I also dont use the deer trails to get to my stands, I stay away as far as i can from the trails the deer use. I usto use them, and i would watch the deer constantly smelling the trail, and several even spooked out from my scent going in on the trail.

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    I vote for trail as well
    I have found during heavy and extended periods of rain that they will seek what cover is afforded
    i found a bunch of sign under a big ol beech one year when we had a frog strangler
    hope this helps

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