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    Default high country bows

    anyone have any opinions about these bows? i'll probably try one out this weekend and just wanted to know if theres anything particular i should be looking for.

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    I have had the Power Force X-1 , shot really good but after a couple seasons it started getting some major Cam lean,I fixed it, sold it to my friend and got a all carbon 4-Runner...I been shooting it since 2001,I think it is a matter of how much you are willing to spend...I have not shot any of their new bows..I think HC has always made a pretty solid hunting bow...Their camo wrap used on the limbs is very high quality,the wrap on my 2001 does not have a tear in it or even a nick...I use it every year and its been through bryars and thickets time after time...
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    They make good bows...I wanted one before I bought my current bow..however there just werent any dealers nearby.
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    I currently shoot and HCA Iron Max and love it. Go to thier web site and ask about the "Average Joe Shooter" clould save you alot on bow cost.

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    the deer up by my name was taken with a HCA power force grate starter bow never had any problems
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