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Thread: Atom broadheads

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    Default Atom broadheads

    I asked this at another site so i guess I'll be fair and ask here to.
    Has anybody used or does anybody know anything about these "Atom" broadheads? I just got a pack of undertaker piston points, but these things just look to cool.

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    I've shot 3 deer with them. The first got only 1 lung. The deer left a fair blood trail. I waited a few hours to track and found the deer 100 yards away, dead. The other two were both double lung hits. They both left wide and heavy blood trails and expired within sight of my tree stand, 20 and 30 yards away respectively. If the Rocket Steelheads I just got fly true with no retuning required, I'll try them this year. I'm happy with the Atom's, but I'm not confident that they would leave as good of a blood trail with a marginal hit as the Rockets. They both have excellent penetration.

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