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    Default Arrow and arrow rest recomendations

    Hi all. Here are the specs on my equipment that I'm currently purchasing.

    Martin Scepter Bow (50# draw weight)
    Sure Loc Supreme 550 Sight
    Doinker 24" stabilizer
    29.5" draw length

    I've shot in the past, so I generally know what I'm doing, but now I want to take it to the next level. I shot Carbon Express arrows with a Quik Tune 1000 rest in the past. So, any recommendations on these two? I will be using the rig just for target shooting. Thanks in advance for your help!

    - Mark
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    The Quiktune 3000 was worth every cent and a big improvement in fine tuning over the other rests I've tried, including the Qt 1000. Carbon Express makes some top end shafts. There's no reason I can think of to switch. Just find the right model for your application. Their web sight should help you check your options.

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    Default Rest and arrows

    I shoot Goldtip arrows. Just feel there good arrows. Easton makes good arrows as well.


    I shoot Trophy Taker. I like fall away rest for 1005 clearance. There launcher rest are used by many as well.
    Elite bows, Vortex Binos, Trophy Taker sights, Carter releases, Goldtip Arrows. CBE sights, Vapor Trail Strings, B Stinger stabilizers

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