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    Default easton ACC vs easton ACE

    has anyone compared easton ACC vs. easton ACEs in terms of accuracy? There is not a great deal of difference in terms of weight but wow the ACE's are quite a bit more
    expensive is it work the extra cost?)

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    I'm not sure the average archer is going to notice any difference at all. The ACC is a great shaft and so is the ACE.

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    i've seen some other threads on this and it seems the ACEs are much more accurate like the x10's but durability is a concern.

    i can see how arrows would get torn up a lot in outdoor and 3d and hunting applications but not really indoor shooting. The main thing I deal with is that the fletching from at least one of my arrows gets nicked by others arrows everytime I shoot.

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    Shoot a five spot target=no torn fletchings.

    I have been shooting an indoor league the last ten weeks (5 spot) Have used the same five arrows that i started with, I have not even had to refletch once.
    I cut things up and split them down!

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    Default Just shot with a good friend this last weekend

    He shot ACE out of a Mathews Rival Pro.

    ACE are not cheap but believe me they fly as good as any arrow out there today. I have always thought this of the ACC as well.

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    I'm shooting navigators for field this year and I am very happy with them.
    They group and fly awesome. Thank goodness for pin nocks, without them I would have surely trashed on last week. Now only the pin is trashed and I believe the arrow is fine. I haven't spun it yet.

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