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    Question new member need help

    I have ordered a hoyt vantage x8 bow for target shooting only.Just starting out in archery will be taking lessons at 60years old.I Have 500.00 left for sight,rest,release.What should i buy and what is more important to spend more money on first i can always upgrade as i get better Thanks Steve

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    Default Heres what I put on my Hoyt SuperHawk

    I just started into archery as well Steve, I have found the Scott "Little Bitty Goose" ( 60 beans) to suit me for a release.

    I am using a Quality Archery Designs (aka QAD) "Ultra Rest HD" (close to 120 beans - got mine for 95 beans) for my arrow rest.

    I am using the Cobra "Boomslang" (60 beans) for my sight, it has .029 pins. It is a very bright pin sight and very easy to see. I am using a G5 3/16 inch peep site.

    I just bought one of the Hoyt SuperHawks and I am loving it ... the bow shoots nice was easy to get tuned for me ... the local pro shop set my arrow rest timing, center shot and all the other goodies up for to get the bow ready to shoot. I think if you find a good reliable pro-shop to help you get all the setup issues out of the way you will have a great time ... I know I am.

    The QAD Ultra-Rest HD is a high-end arrow rest and kind of spendie.. for me anyway, but I started out on my first bow using a " Whisker Biscuit". It did great but the hairs started to wear out so I decided to upgrade.

    Now for the my sight ... I tried a few different sight and sight brands and found the Cobra Boomslang to work well for me.. there are definitely other choices that can be made there as well.

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    First off

    You can go from mild to wild setting up your bow. I would probably recomend a wrist strap release for starting out. There are many out there. I shoot a Tru-Ball copperhead extra and I love it. $95

    Rest can go a number of ways. Starting off, I would go with full containment. I shot a WB and witched to the Octane Hostage Pro. $80 I love my rest. Not a fall away, but it works and works great.

    Sights are the same thing there. Depends on how well you can see. There are several different pin diameters. check out many different sights. I have seen Tru-glo at Wal Mart for $15. Not the best sights but they will work. I currently shoot torhpy ridge matrix. $125

    When starting out and not knowing exactly what you will like or want. I would say it is best to stay on the lower side of the dollar bill. That will leave you room to upgrade. No sense in spending $200 on sights that you won't like.

    Congrats and welcome.
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