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    Question Does the arrow pass through the deer?

    I am working on a system to track wounded deer. My brother told me that many hours are spent trying to find the deer after they've been fatally wounded. The injured deer runs for some distance before dying.

    However, a friend told me that the arrow typically passes all the way through the deer and does not remain in the wounded animal. Is this correct? If it's true, it would mean that the arrow itself cannot be used for tracking the deer.


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    Default This would be a good thread this time of year.

    I always want my arrow to continue through the deer. I get two holes for blood to exit the deer.

    Few good tips for trailing deer.

    I always carry toilet paper to mark the fresh blood.

    Go slow and never hurry.

    I try to follow the tracks of the deer when blood is stopped.

    If your tracking at night. I use a Coleman lantern. Blood shows up well under that light.

    Everyone should have some good tips for tracking. Lets hear them
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    A good method for those who are color blind with reddish colors like me when trailing a deer and cannot get on a blood trail combine a spray bottle with 2 parts water and 1 part hydrogen peroxide and spray it, it will make the blood that you cannot see foam thier for getting you on the trail.

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    I am hoping to use a Molly this year. 1 part black lab, 1 part blood hound. I just hope that she works.

    I have used the Coleman lantern and the toilet paper to mark the trail. Both work very well.
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    Get down on your hands and knees (and don't be afraid to get your face close to the ground) when blood dries up.

    Look at the underside of leaves on the ground that may have been turned over by a fleeing deer, also look at the undersides of plant leaves still on the stalk as well as high on the plant. Look at individual leaves, not the whole plant or the ground as a whole, you will find it harder to see the small spots of blood if you try to look at the whole thing versus seeing the individual leaves.

    If you don't find a constant trail of blood, don't be afraid to follow a likely trail a little ways and look further down that trail, just be sure to mark your blood trail.

    Mark the blood trail with a bio-degradeable toilet tissue (very few people actually go back and pick up their trail markers). It will help in determining direction of travel. Deer have a tendency to to do a "J" hook right before they die, so if you notice that you are circling around, you might be getting close.

    Look for tracks or obvious trails that the deer would likely follow.

    When shot, often they will head back to where they came from, this can be helpful if you know where the deer was coming from, it will give you a smaller area to look around in if you loose the trail.

    Do not walk around the trail you are following too much or you risk disturbing some sign (and you might miss it when you need it most).

    If it has been an hour or more, look for ants or flys congregating in an area. Blood draws these creatures and may clue you in to some sign.

    If all esle fails, a wounded deer will rarely run uphill if it has the option of staying on flat ground, or downhill (but do not make the mistake of thinking that they will not run up hill, I have seen it before). A gut shot deer will most likely move toward a water source. Don't forget to look under blow downs, deer will crawl under there to hide and wind up dying there. Look ahead of you, you may save yourself a lot of time following sparse blood sign. Climb a tree a little ways and glass around, white bellies stand out very well. Last but not least, even a house hold pet (dog, cats are terrible trackers) can follow a blood trail if given enough time. I am actually working with my Jack Russell to be able and willing to do this for me.

    Hope some of this was helpful!
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    Default reply

    Many hours should not be spent tracking "wounded" deer. They should be good as dead on imact and not run much more than 50 yards( I only shoot small deer, and do not know how far a well shot canada buck will run). I try to get pass throughs, because 2 holes are better than one, and all of the blood on the arrow can tell you right away if you made a good shot(dark blood=bad. Pink and frothy=take 13 steps foraward to retreive trophy). My 60# bow has no problems with pass throughs. A good shot is the key to eliminating stressful tracking jobs...not technology. Shoot well, and always let your deer have an hour or so before you retrieve it (unless he clearly dies on the spot). Wait longer on bad shots. If eyes are closed-shoot again.

    Those are words of advice from a hunter who found out the hard way.

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    if a blood trial is good and then suddenly ends without a trace its a good chance the deer doubled back. walk the blood trail agian but stay five feet of eaither side of it and see if it starts agian. ive had this happen to me a few times.
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    Default Tracking

    I remeber a few years back they had a hook that attached to the end of the arrow like in bowfishing. You then tied a rope from the spool which was attached to your stabilizer and when the arrow went through so did the string and you just followed the string to your kill if it didn't break. If I'm not mistaking it was called a game tracker if you google it you can find one. They were like 20.00 or 30.00 dollars with 500yds of string.

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    All depends of what you hit and what you don't hit. Hit a bone, it won't go through. Hit nothing, it's going all the way through.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Werd View Post
    All depends of what you hit and what you don't hit. Hit a bone, it won't go through. Hit nothing, it's going all the way through.
    id say hitting nothing is called a miss!

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    I wouldn't count on anything in the arrow be useful for tracking.
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    If you're thinking of putting a homing device in the arrow or broadhead, don't bother. He's correct, the arrow usually does pass through the deer.

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    Quote Originally Posted by J.Blay View Post
    If you're thinking of putting a homing device in the arrow or broadhead, don't bother. He's correct, the arrow usually does pass through the deer.
    Unless it is a device that will hook onto the fur as it is passing through the deer. If it is placed on the nock end of the arrow it could detach like a FOB an then be trailed electronically.
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    I think the most important thing in tracking is to allow the animal plenty of time after the shot to bed down and not run. Most deer after the shot slow down after a mad dash in less then 200yd. And then slowly walk and find a place to bed down. A perfect shot, they are dead on the run and fall within sight. A poorly shot deer can typically be found less than 300 yards from the stand if given plenty of time to bed down. On a poor shot I would give 6-12hours for deer to bed down and die. Nothing worse than jumping a gut shot deer that has only 1hr to bed down, that deer would run and run and run and most likely not be recovered, do to very little blood on the ground and less blood when the deer is balls to the wall to the next farm.
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