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Thread: one smart doe

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    Default one smart doe

    Been hunting out of the same stand every night this season so far, 7 out of 10 nights. This single doe with a fawn, busted me on about the 4th or 5th night, Now she didnt spook, but she definatly looks for me and is extreamly timmid. They use the same trail EVERY night.....Im 95% sure its the same doe, as she is big and a very dark color compaired to all the others. SHE IS OLD AND WISE!!!!So last sat, i set up anouther stand about 20 yards from the one ive been in all those nights, The wind was good so i sat in it sat eve, and guess what, here she comes, when she got up the small bank and though the grass, she was looking up in that tree ive been in all those nights, but i wasnt their. HAHAHAHA i was going to put the whack on her but she wouldnt turn for a good shot, I was to into wathcing her reaction, i missed the best time to shoot. but she accually stopped and looked in that tree for ill be 30 seconds before moving on. I need to put her in the freezer before she rats out my stand to the others!!!

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    Those old mommas can be a problem, take her out for sure.
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    Default Very well said

    Quote Originally Posted by dbdcougar View Post
    Those old mommas can be a problem, take her out for sure.
    Take her out. Smart does are tough for the hunter.
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