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    Default Any hunt filmers?

    I really enjoy videoing and filming hunts. A great challenge for me is self-filming. It is risky and I sometimes give up on videoing to try to shoot the deer. It is fun.

    Darin DeNeal

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    I have wanted to self film my deer hunts for the last few years, just never got around to puting my camcorder in the tree, was going to this year, and bought a small digital camera, its to cheap, not enough zoom. I kinda gave up on it, as hunting has started. I dont have the time to mess with it now, maybee next year. I need to find a good camera with like a 16x zoom though.
    Their is some company making stabilzers with built in digital cameras. pretty cool, i saw the demo, looked like it worked ok, but on the shot it would drop off the target and you wouldnt always get the arrow hit if you moved much, I think it would work, you would haveto practice with it though, i kinda think i have enough things to pay attention to already. I would like to rig up a good camera for my tree stand hunts though...... someday....

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    Hey there, I just was filmed last night for the first time shooting a doe. I shot her at last light so the film is a bit grainy but you get the idea. My bro-in-law was behind the camera and we had a blast. The post shot interviews are the most fun! FYI, doe ran 50 yards and toppled over in the beans!
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