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    Default Help on Hoyt Alphatec

    hey all, i'm new to archery and barely got my bow from the mail today. i bought a Hoyt Alphatec but i was wondering wat is the draw weight of the bow. on the bow, it says from 50-60 lbs but when i got online and look around, some people says or have their Hoyt Alphatec adjusted to 70 lbs. next month, i am going to go hunt with some of my friends. can i actually hunt and kill something with a 60 lbs draw weight?

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    That's all energy you need to target shoot or hunt. Your bow comes in the mail set at its peak weight(in your case, #60). You can lower the weight by turning down the limb bolts with an allen wrench. I don' t shoot Hoyt, I shoot PSE, so you should skim the manual it came with for adjustments.

    A big mistake is to buy your bow online without going to a local pro shop to test it first.
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