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    Default indoor spots? sry im a noob with this!

    I am new to the whole competition archery thing. I bought a rig, Elite Energy 70lb 29.5" blah blah blah, and i plan to shoot 3d with it next year. I have talked to a lot of people who recommended shooting indoor spots to get my technique down. but i have some stupid questions.

    Who regulates these shoots? IBO? NFAA?

    a link to these rules?

    Just some general advise on the whole thing, I dont know where to start.

    Thanks for the help
    Target: Elite Energy, Copper John A.N.T.S., TT SS II, Posten 28" Victory X-Ringer HV 312gr.

    Woods: Mathews Switchback, Trophy Ridge 5 pin, QAD Rest, Maxima Arrows

    GO TEAM 3!!

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    Default Dusty

    Most indoor shoots are NFAA.

    You can find the rules here at there websight.

    Heres the two basic targets for indoor. Five Spot and Vegas
    Elite bows, Vortex Binos, Trophy Taker sights, Carter releases, Goldtip Arrows. CBE sights, Vapor Trail Strings, B Stinger stabilizers

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