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    Default Roger Raglin Outdoors

    I like that show.

    Roger is a hoot, I'd love to hunt with that ol boy.

    I bet it wouldn't be boring.


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    I watched a video of his several years ago. And I totally agree he would be such great entertainment. Great guy looks like to me he is.


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    He drives me insane watching his hunts.
    I have no dought there would never be a dull moment.
    My only thought is which one of us would go crazy first him or me.

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    Did you see one of the more recent Raglin episodes where he was hunting with the Extreme Dimension guy in Knox county? That property is only a few miles from my home and the shop he visited happens to be my taxidermist. It did kind of crack me up when they visited the taxidermy shop and were lookin at the non-typical rack on the counter and then comented on how "nice" that rack was. "Nice" would be a serious understatement... it was the 243" monster that took top honors at the IL Deer Classic that season.... "nice"!?! That taxidermist had 7 deer brought in last season that scored over 200" B&C, I'd say Roger found him a great area to spend the gun season! LOL!

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