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    Default Well The Rain Has Arrived

    And i think it is going to be here for a while...they are forcasting about a week right now...this sucks!!!

    Do the clubs in your area ever cancel due to weather???

    We have a club locally that in the last 20 years has only cancelled there shoot due to weather like 5 times.....Not bad considering they have like 12-15 shoots a year....they shoot from January thru December 1-2 shoots a month
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    We have been known to shoot in the rain. Don't like to but have done it. Thunder and lightening is a whole different story. I will not be out there holding that lightening rod.
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    Default Rain Or Shine

    Rain,Snow, Sleet --- so far I have never seen a club in my area cancel a shoot. But I have to agree with Chris, if it was lightning out I think I would like to sit in the clubhouse and shoot the bull.

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